Physical Therapy

Treatment for Pain, Repair, Prevention & Overall Wellness

Common Rehab, Pain Reduction & Strength Treatment

Safe & Effective Treatment


Physical therapy procedures are designed to normalize body movement and structure through stretching, strengthening and balancing muscle and ligaments. The goal of the physical therapy is to reduce pain, repair the injured region, and strengthen the area to avoid a future injury.

Typically, if you report to you primary care MD/DO with a musculoskeletal injury, you might leave the office with a prescription for medication and/or a prescription for four to six weeks of physical therapy.

Because we have physicians on-site,


This allows us to cut one step out of your quest to get help for your injury. We can diagnose your injury and set up a rehabilitation program on the same day. Many of our patients will come to us first with their aches and pains because they know we are the doctors who can help immediately. No referral is necessary.

Arm Stretch at IPM

Our doctors and staff have years of rehabilitation experience and are very capable of handling the most acute patients.

Some of our common rehabilitation patients are:

      • spinal disc bulges and herniations

      • Pre/post surgery rehab
        (knee, ankle, elbow, carpal tunnel)

      • Sprains/strains

      • Running injuries

      • Sports related injuries

      • Slip and fall patients

      • Work related injuries

      • Motor vehicle accidents.

No referral necessary.

Physical Therapy Bands at IPM
Physical Therapy Weights at IPM

Is Physical Therapy Right For You?

If you are in pain, need to start rehab after surgery or injury, or are interested in finding out more, contact us to make an appointment to see if physical therapy is the right treatment for you. No referral necessary.