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Let us relieve your pain and improve your function.

Where does it hurt?

At IPM, we successfully treat dozens of conditions related to your body’s structure. Our goal is to relieve your pain and improve your function. We do not prescribe drugs or do surgery. Instead, we utilize the best combination of chiropractic care, physical therapy, regenerative medicine, therapeutic massage and acupuncture/dry needlign treatment options that not only repair the injured area, but makes the area stronger and more stable to be able to withstand future injuries. That is the true definition of well-rounded care.

No referral necessary.


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Back Pain

Coccydynia | Discs – Bulging, Degenerative & Herniated | Sacroiliac Pain | Scoliosis | Sprains & Strains | Upper & Lower Back Pain

Elbow Pain

Chronic Pain | Golfers Elbow | Joint Replacements | Stiffness/Swelling | Tennis Elbow | Tendonitis

Foot & Ankle Pain

Plantar Fasciitis | Tendonitis | Arthritis and stiffness | Swelling and inflammation

Headaches and Migraines

Cervicogenic Headaches | Migraine Headaches | Stress Headaches | Tension Headaches

Hip Pain

Hip Bursitis | Joint Replacements | Hip Impingement | Labrum Tear | Hip Osteoarthritis | Stiffness | Sciatica | Tendonitis

Leg & Knee Pain

Joint Replacements | Meniscus Tears | Knee Degeneration/Arthritis | PCL/ACL Injuries | Restless Leg Syndrome | Runner’s Knee (Chondromalacia) | Shin Splints | Tendonitis

Muscle Pain

Fibromyalgia | Myofascial Pain | Spasms & Weakness | Sprains & Strains

Neck Pain

Arthritis/Inflammation | Chronic Pain | Degenerative Disc Disease – Bulging, Degenerative & Herniated | Stiffness | Whiplash

Shoulder Pain

Bursitis | Chronic Pain | Decreased Inflammation | Degeneration/Arthritis | Joint Replacements | Stiff or Frozen Shoulder | Rotator Cuff | Sciatica | Tendonitis

Wrist & Hand Pain

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome | Painful Joints | Tendonitis | Trigger Finger | Wrist & Thumb Arthritis

Are these conditions covered by insurance?

In most cases, help for all of these conditions are covered by insurance. And to make sure, we verify your coverage with your insurance company before any treatment begins. That way, if it isn’t 100%, we can let you know how much of your plan is covered right from the start.

We are in-network with most PPO/POS plans (BCBS, Aetna, United Healthcare, Cigna and more), as well as some HMO plans, and Medicare. We also accept worker’s compensation and personal injury cases. Find out more here.

Individualized payment plans are available to those without insurance coverage. We offer flexible payment options and are transparent about all costs. Find out more.

Jennifer Fialko

Jennifer Fialko

Office & Billing Manager

Our 360 Degree Approach

Our approach at IPM is unique. By identifying all aspects of your condition, we are able to cater a customized rehabilitation program that not only repairs the injured area, but makes the area stronger and more stable to be able to withstand future injuries. This is the definition of true preventative care!

When it comes time to start your specific treatment care plan, the doctors at IPM have a number of different services to offer, each with their own individual techniques tailored to fit your specific body, pain and goals for recovery.

Back Pain Acupuncture Assessment

How Bad Is Your Pain?

If you are in pain or have any of the conditions listed above, contact us to make a quick, easy appointment. Let us find the right treatment for you. No referral necessary.