Our Story

The family history of IPM.

Sometimes dreams come true.

Doctors Polcyn & Kenny

Dr. Jon Polcyn & Dr. Scott Kenny

“Scott and I both met in 1993 as freshmen at Providence Catholic High School”, says Dr. Jon Polcyn, co-owner of IPM. “We were friends, almost immediately.” Dr. Scott Kenny, also a co-owner of IPM adds, “Obviously we weren’t talking about our future plans much at that point, but we had become aware that both of us had chiropractors in our families.”

Dr. Scott Kenny has an uncle who’s a chiropractor. Dr. Polcyn has a grandpa, aunt and uncle and a cousin, who are all chiropractors. And, as Dr. Polcyn puts it, “It’s not a terribly common thing to find people with a ton of, you know, heroes in their family.” This mutual family chiropractor connection propelled their future above and beyond a simple friendship.

This became the start of IPM.

“We both liked science, we both excelled in biology,” Dr. Polcyn remembers. The two partnered up in a couple labs and by the end of school in 1997, they had formed a running joke. “Wherever happens in the future,” said Polcyn, “if we end up both being chiropractors, we should open up a clinic in New Lenox.” Little did they know their running joke would become a reality.

Years later, both would become Chiropractors, albeit at different locations. Dr. Kenny recalls, “I called Jon to tell him we had an opening where I worked. We end up working together immediately and then both worked there for another four years. Up until around 2010.”

Thirteen years after the two dreamed (or joked) of opening up a clinic in New Lenox, it actually happened. But not without harkening back to their family ties again. But by this time, the family was a little more extended. Dr. Jon’s father-in-law took them both aside before embarking on becoming business owners.

Dr. Polcyn says, “Heather’s dad really helped. He’s a big real big business management, business organization guy. So we worked with him to kind of start and build the process out from the ground up. Operating agreements, getting the lawyers involved, incorporating, deciding what place we were going to go to, breaking down demographics for ten different cities… Almost everything.”

And just like with any good story, the start of it was a little shaky. “We had zero to start with” Dr. Kenny says. “But within a year, we were busy. It started with our families, then all of our coaches, all of our friends from school. We were three miles down the road from Providence, close to all the Lincolnway schools.” Dr. Polcyn adds, “All our buddies that were wrestling coaches and baseball coaches, all helped us in that area. And we still don’t forget that, to this day.”

No joke. Four clinics and years of raving patient reviews later, Integrated Physical Medicine has certainly grown. Dr. Kenny points out, “Every clinic now has it’s own, unique personality. Each a healthy blend of the staff who work there and the patients and community they help.”

And as IPM continues to grow, not just in the number of doctors and clinics but in the services and options they offer their patients, one thing is for sure – The same feelings of friendship that started with a pair of freshmen decades ago, can still be felt in every .

However, Dr. Polcyn points out one thing that stays consistent, no matter what location you visit. “Our patients are encouraged to dream of a healthier version of themselves.” Dr. Kenny continues the thought, “And we will work just as hard as they do to help them achieve it.”

It’s easy to believe. After all, if you look back at the path of these two founders, dreams do come true.

A 360 Degree Approach

Our approach at IPM is unique. By identifying all aspects of your condition, we are able to cater a customized rehabilitation program that not only repairs the injured area, but makes the area stronger and more stable to be able to withstand future injuries. This is the definition of true preventative care!

No two patients are the same, so we believe no two treatment plans should be. When it comes time to start your specific treatment care plan, the doctors at IPM have a number of different services to offer, each with their own individual techniques tailored to fit your specific body, pain and goals for recovery.